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50% are sent directly to charity wallets which are verfied by Ukraine

Mint Price 0.024
Лого супермен


The Legends of Ukraine NFT collection is inspired by the league of legends as well as superman and was created to support the people who have suffered from the Russian invasion and the War in Ukraine.  

The idea behind this NFT collection is to transparently distribute all incoming proceeds and donations equally. This is achieved through our use of the Ethereum blockchain which allows smart contracts to be created. Each of our smart contracts contains a formula that correctly segregates the funds among all stakeholders involved.  

Our mission was to create and set up an NFT collection that allows consumers to track and trace their monies and see an impact being made through their efforts.  

Our aim was to give consumers the opportunity to invest in digital art that provides them with individual ownership rights. Additionally, it was our idea to donate 50% of the proceeds towards the Ukrainian Army, as the distributed ledger technology allows for transparency of all transactions.  

Лого супермен

How are the Proceeds split?

The incoming proceeds and donations will be distributed equally through the smart contract. The ratios mentioned are going to be: 

  • 25% of the proceeds distributed directly to the Ukrainian Government ETH crypto wallet 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14
  • 25% of the proceeds distributed to a non-profit organization called OSA, Help!
  • 15% of the proceeds distributed to our digital artist Anastasia Volokh
  • 30% of the proceeds distributed to the development of Roadmap 2.0
  • 5% of the proceeds distributed to the creator


Our collection ‘Legends of Ukraine’ is made out of 2402 NFTs , 55 traits such as glasses, hairstyles, weapons, and different backgrounds, then automatically generated. 

  • RoboHeadz tier 1
  • Супермен шрамы
    Uncommon (Stiches)
  • Готовые прически
     Rare (Hairstyle)
  • Готовые очки
  • Очки усы


  • Лого супермен

    Low gas fee (ERC721)

    ERC721, is a smart contract with high gas savings for minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction. We support the broader community to use such contracts like this in order to save your community from huge gas fees.
  • Reward Mechanism

    Future airdrops, Keychain from Russian shot down airplanes, Meet-up events and charity events Online workshops with influencers
  • Charity wallet

    You will be able to track the funds directly through etherscan to the charities we have chosen
  • 2402 unique Legends

    24.02.22 Marks the date of the beginning of the brutal invasion into Ukraine
  • Exclusive Merchandise

    Collaborated with the Ukrainian street brand Marnero, Legends of ukraine will have unique merchandise

Legends of Ukraine ROADMAP

  • 1

    Launch of website

    The Legends of Ukraine website has been created to allow users access to the minting Dapp and provides an overall insight into this project and how it will benefit the victims of the war in Ukraine.

    This website is intended to be used as a way for users to mint their NFTs.

    Website lauch
  • 2


    MInt Price- 0.024 Ethereum

    Resale platform

    Time to mint
  • 3

    Launch of the Discord server (Exclusive to holders only)

    The launch of the discord server is essentially a way to connect our holders, creators and consumers of our product and provide a medium for the exchange of ideas. It will be structured to incorporate specific topics such as special giveaways and prizes that can be won.

    Join me on discord
  • 4

    Exlusive Merchandise drop

    Legends of Ukraine has partnered with a local Ukrainian street brand ‘Marnero’ to merchandise our collection. 

    Giphy merchandise
  • 5

    Printing your own NFT

    Option 1: without cost on A3 paper as a poster
    Option 2: 32$ for acrylic print-out (postage included in any EU country)

  • 6

    Charity events and fundraisers in Lviv and around Europe

    Legends of Ukraine and our partners will host several fundraising events around Ukraine and Europe to raise awareness and thereby, support the Ukrainian army.

  • 7

    Online events with famous Ukrainian influencers and bloggers

    Soon, we will have famous Ukrainian influencers and bloggers promote our company and values throughout the community. The influencers and bloggers will be able to interact with all our community members through the set-up discord server.

    Стреляет arestovych
  • 8

    Launch of the Roadmap 2.0

    Yes, you heard it right, Roadmap 2.0 is on its way!😉

    To be contnued


  • 2022 06 21 21.23.19
    Anastasia Volokh

    Anastasia Volokh, is our Ukrainian 2D and 3D artist, with over six years of work experience in her given field of expertise. She specializes in outstanding character detail drawing and,has a large portfolio of previous NFT collections whose artwork has previously been sold out. 

    Each piece of artwork requires tens of hours of design, that is why her art is valued, hard to acquire and sought-after. Anastasia also competes in various NFT Competitions to improve her skills and to gain greater recognition around the world. 

  • Photo gino
    Gino P.

    Gino is our creator and founder of the Legends of Ukraine NFT collection. Gino has been working in the sphere of NFT project development and marketing development for the past three years. Gino has gained experience working in Hong Kong, in an upcoming token start-up. Positioned as the senior marketing strategy manager. 

  • Team member 3
    Benjamin G.
    Social Media moderator

    Benjamin G., is positioned as our Discord and Twitter coordinator to deal with all customer requests and ideas. His background in customer service allows him to fulfil his obligations to the best possible standard, always having a positive attitude with innovative solutions to the several issues that arise during our business. 

  • Izzy photo
    Isabelle Gildin

    Isabelle G. is our financial lawyer with over three years of work experience in her given field. She specializes in legal documentation, economic and data analysis. 


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